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Shiv Shakti Solar Power Systems

Flat Plate Type Solar Water Heaters

Capacity 300 LPD
Tank Height From Terrace 5ft
Brand Shiv Sakti Solar Power System
Retainer Key For Glass 3 glass
Model Shiv Sakti Solal
Hot Water Usage Point 4 Use
Inner Coating Tank Material Glass Lining
Roof Surface Area Plane
Maximum Water Hardness 300 PPM

Flat plate collectors are one of the oldest types of collectors. They consist of an absorber plate to collect the diffused sunlight and an insulated metal box to retain the heat. The heat absorbed form the environment is transferred to a liquid that circulates within the copper pipes.

Additional Information:

  • Production Capacity: Good
  • Delivery Time: with in 10 days
  • Packaging Details: Box Packing.